Using the ClariVein®IC


ClariVein®IC is introduced percutaneously into the peripheral vasculature under imaging guidance*.The catheter tip is easy to visualize for accurate placement in the treatment zone^.


The Catheter Assembly is connected to the Motor Drive Unit (MDU).


The MDU rotates the wire and dispersion tip allowing for targeted infusion of the physician-specified agents to the treatment zone.


Patients often return to their normal activities immediately post-operative.

^ Data on file
* Including ultrasound

In the United States the ClariVein® IC is intended for the infusion of physician-specified agents in the peripheral vasculature. For Rx only.

US Patents 7,862,575, 7,967,834, 8,465,508, 8,686,645, various issued foreign patents and other United States and foreign patents pending.
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