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Founded in 2005, Vascular Insights, a Limited Liability Company based in Quincy, Massachusetts, engages in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of medical devices for the minimally invasive treatment of peripheral vascular disease.


Michael Tal, MD, MBA


John Marano, PHD

The ClariVein® devices were designed and developed by Michael Tal, MD and John Marano, PhD as innovative, minimally invasive medical devices for the treatment of the peripheral vasculature. Today more than 130,000 ClariVein® units are in market, and have appeared in more than 15 global publications. Click here to read more about us.


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Vascular Insights carefully chooses our distributor partnerships by country.  Through this selection process, we ensure the local representation for ClariVein® is both clinically and technically supported.  Please see our distributor partnership page to find your local representative.

Please note that product availability is country-specific and not all Vascular Insights, LLC products may be available in a specific country. Please see our distributer partnership page to find your local representative.

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Vascular Insights, LLC
1 Pine Hill Drive
Two Batterymarch Park, Suite 100
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